Bob Keen

Bob Keen started his career in 1975 whilst on his summer holidays from school when he manage to land a job as tea boy on the set of the film The Land That Time Forgot, having wanted to get into special FX from the age of six.

His career since then has spanned over thirty years where he has supervised the fx on such horror classics as 'Highlander', 'Hellraiser' I, II, and III, 'Alien' and 'Aliens', 'Candyman', and 'Nightbreed', to name a few. Bob is now regarded as a leading figure in the world of Special FX.

As the Special Make Up Effects team on 'Rise of the Footsoldier', we faced some severe technical problems as the make up effects required on the film were incredibly brutal in nature (people being shot in the face with a shotgun, for example).

Along with the difficulties of how you can stick something to the outside of someone's face but give the impression that you're looking at a hole, we also had the added challenge of matching the real life murders. It is very rare indeed that we are asked to re enact in such detail actual killings. The project ended up being far more difficult than we'd originally envisaged, but very rewarding in a macabre way.

I feel that we pulled off one of our most realistic make-ups that I've been involved with in my thirty plus years of doing this kind of thing. 'Rise of the Footsoldier' represents by far some of the most brutal and bloody make up effects work we've ever been involved with.