William Gilbey

William has collaborated with his brother Julian for years. The brothers have a great working relationship: ‘It just works’, they are both fond of saying. It’s great having someone else you trust completely who you can bounce ideas off and work with so closely.

On RECKONING DAY William worked in numerous capacities including stunt performer and co-ordinator, 2nd Unit director and actor. On ROLLIN’ WITH THE NINES he wrote the script with Julian and co-edited the film. He also acted, directed the 2nd Unit and performed stunts.

William has also co-written THE FILM MAKER with his brother Julian. It will be made this spring 2007 and marks a big step up in terms of budget. William will also be co-editing the film and directing the 2nd Unit.

RISE OF THE FOOTSOLIDER marks William’s 3rd feature film collaboration with his older brother Julian. He directed the extensive 2nd Unit shoot of the project as well as having co-written the script with Julian and being attached as editor and co-producer.

William has written and directed several short films including one set in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. He is also currently writing and developing several feature length screenplays.