Sandy McLelland

Born in Glasgow, Sandy McLelland has been living and working as a professional composer, arranger and music producer for over twenty-five years. Having started his career as an aspiring singer songwriter, he soon attracted interest from major record labels, moving to London and recording a number of albums.

His love and understanding of music quickly lead him to attain a high level of expertise in all aspects of the writing and recording process. In his London studios he has worked with a huge cross section of fellow musicians and composers. From the humblest of new pop artists such as Massive Attack, Neneh Cherry and Bros, through to established international stars like Paul McCartney and Kiri Te Kanewa, many have benefited from his contributions to their work.

For almost ten years he wrote and produced music for Latin artists, significantly Spanish legend Miguel Bose, work which was critically and commercially successful around the world, changing the face of contemporary Latin music and winning many awards along the way. He still continues in this collaboration. For the last five years Sandy has been quietly building a reputation as a significant composer and producer in the world of film. More established composers have sought him out to contribute to projects. He has enjoyed a number of successful collaborations in this country and in Europe as well as in projects from America.

In the early part of last year he spent three months working with Hans Zimmer on the score for the Da Vinci Code. He has contributed significantly to some outstanding world cinema, notably Francis Ford Coppola’s far eastern epic, Suryothai, the theme song from which was also a massive chart hit. His dark score for the controversial Thai film Prom Piram, won him a Thai Oscar and Critics Best Film Music Award. During the past year he composed a score for the independent British gangster film, Rollin With the Nines, the film winning the London Raindance festival, despite its difficult subject matter.

He has just finished the first seven hours of a huge, historical, three-part, film in Thailand. Sandy embraces an inclusive and collaborative approach to his work. His artistic sensibility and drive sees him always reaching for excellence, but does not prevent him from constantly trying to achieve only what is required by the director, for the good of the film.