Julian Glibey

JULIAN GILBEY started film making aged 14 in 1989, making as many home movies a year as it was possible to churn out. In 1994 he won an unconditional place to study film at Napier University in Edinburgh, Scotland (where Lynn Ramsay, maker of the critically acclaimed features RATCATCHER and MORVERN CALLER studied).

In 1998 GILBEY started work on his first feature, RECKONING DAY, eventually completing it in 2001. The film has been sold worldwide and was a hit in Japan and other Eastern Territories especially. It has a large cult following from several countries.

Also a writer and Editor, GILBEY started work on his second feature, ROLLIN’ WITH THE NINES. Shooting started in late November 2004.

This film is one of the first British Black Crime films to come out of the country, preceded only by BULLET BOY in 2005. It won BEST UK FEATURE at the 2005 RAINDANCE Film festival ­ the largest Independent Film Festival in Europe.

ROLLIN’ WITH THE NINES required technical advisors on set, which included real street gangsters and also ex British Special Forces (for the police characters) to achieve the high level of realism required by the director.

ROLLIN’ WITH THE NINES is being released theatrically in the UK through “MAIDEN VOYAGE”.

Julian Gilbey is part of a small group of British actors, writers and Directors, including William Gilbey, Billy Murray, Terry Stone and Toby Richards who formed their own company Hanover Films at the beginning of 2007. With a united vision of making groundbreaking British films, which are not only high quality features but also have huge commercial potential.

Please visit www.hanoverfilms.com for more information.